Contemporary Carnival Glass Bells

Fenton Bells:

The bells shown below were made by the Fenton Art Glass Company in the contemporary era of the 1960s through to the 2010s when Fenton closed. During the course of production, Fenton made these bells in various colors so you most likely will find them in colors not listed below.

AFGWU - Made in pink opal as a souvenir for the 1996 100th National Convention of Local 22 & 508 of the American Flint Glass Workers' Union (AFGWU) at Fenton Art Glass. Made in blue for the 2002 102nd convention.

Atlantis - A planter and a fairy light were also made in the Atlantis pattern with fish swimming around the piece.

Australian Carnival Enthusiasts (ACE) - Made in 1991 for the ACE convention souvenir although this one has a Fenton Gift Shop sticker.

Barred Ovals - This bell appeared in the 1986 - 1987 Fenton catalog.

Beauty Bell - This bell appeared in the 1985 - 1986 Fenton catalog.

Butterfly - A butterfly finial gives this piece its name. Draped swags form the body of the bell. Also available in a covered box.

Circle Scroll - This marigold bell has the Circle Scroll design in all three panels around the bell.

Columbus - This Fenton bell is mostly known in red but can be found in this cobalt blue or white. They're 7 inches tall and have a portrait of Christopher Columbus, an image of one of his ships, and a medallion with the words "Discovery of America, 1492-1992."

Craftsmen - In 1979, Fenton added amethyst, red, teal and white bells showing a glassmaker to their American Craftsman series of plates.

Daffodil - Made in the 2000s by Fenton. The glass is a very blue teal and it has a heavy marigold overlay. This color and treatment was called Indigo Blue. Marked Fenton in an oval on the inside of the bell.

Daisy and Button - Made in this red and also in purple.

Drapery - This pink Fenton Bell is in the Drapery pattern. Available in other colors such as celeste blue.

Dusty Rose - This red Fenton Bell is in the Dusty Rose pattern.

Faberge - The bells have a vertical ribbed design with some of the ribs containing an additional pattern. The 7-inch bells are found mostly in blue and purple; occasionally in iridized milk glass or teal.

Famous Women - 1984 Limited Edition Fenton Red Carnival Glass Bell. The bell is honoring Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller and Elizabeth Ann Seton. The bell is dated 1984 and is 6-1/4 inches tall. This bell appeared, in blue, in Fenton's 1987 - 1988 catalog.

Fenton Art Glass Collectors Association - These Green Opal bells were FAGCA's 1991 convention souvenir.

Frank L Fenton - These bells have the same design as the HOACGA Frank L. Fenton souvenirs but they are not for HOACGA. They commemorate the 100 anniversary of Fenton. This one is Plum Opal Carnival.

Garden of Eden - The Garden of Eden bell was designed to go with the Garden of Eden plate by Fenton. Both the plate and the bell appeared in the 1985 - 1986 Fenton catalog.

Gristmill - In the early 1980s, Fenton made a series of Currier and Ives plates, bells and vases. Only the plates were made in carnival until 1994 when this bell in Holiday Green was made for QVC.

HOACGA 2003 Room Display - This blue bell was given away to HOACGA 2003 convention attendees that set up a room display.

Hobnail - Hobnail bells in aqua opal and peach opal were made for the Lincoln Land Club. They were also made in purple and blue.

Inverted Strawberry - This red bell was the American Carnival Glass Association souvenir in 1992 in Lexington, KY.

Lily of The Valley - Found in various colors, this peach opal version is a Lincoln Land Club convention souvenir.

Madonna - Made in amethyst and red in 1975 and Independence Blue in 1976.

Nativity - These bells have three panels showning scenes of the Nativity; Joseph and Mary holding Jesus, the three wise men and shepards. The bells (pattern #9463) were first issued in noniridized colors in 1980. This one, in green, is from the 1990s.

Spanish Lace - Fenton made thier Spanish Lace pattern mostly in milk glass but an iridized piece, such as this bell, is also sometimes found.

Stretch -

Swallows - Although it's not marked, Fenton made this small bell. It's their #8268. Made in cobalt blue, 4 1/2 inches tall. This version in Plum Opal was made as a souvenir for Lincoln Land.

Templebells - Found in red, Holiday Green (made for QVC in 1990), plum opal and pink.

This Is America - This Fenton bell was made in Independance Blue, Patriot Red, white satin and chocolate glass for the US Bicentennial. Only the blue is iridized. Part of a series of bicentennial items by Fenton

Wave Hobnail - Similar in design to the Millersburg classic era pattern known as Swirled Hobnail. This bell appeared in Fenton's 1987 - 1988 catalog.

Hand Painted - A bell with little molded design but used as a canvas for handpainted flowers.

Open Lattice - This 6 3/4 inch tall bell by Fenton has a floral design but is named for the open edge lattice design at the bottom. Marked "Fenton" at the bottom of the handle where it meets the bell.

Rose Medallion - This 5 1/2 inch tall bell by Fenton has a rose pattern around medallions. It also has a rose at the top of the handle.

Paisley - This bell by Fenton is rather scarce. Photo courtesy of Matthew Wroda Auctions.

From 1985 to 1989, The Heart of America Carnival Glass Club (HOACGA), headquartered in Kansas City, commissioned Fenton to make them a series of bells with their Good Luck emblem on one side of them. Bells were issued one per year for five years and each featured a portrait of vintage carnival glass company founders, otherwise known as "The Big Five".

1985, red, featuring Harry Northwood of the Northwood Glass Company.

1986, green opal, featuring Frank L. Fenton of the Fenton Art Glass Company.

1987, cobalt blue, featuring John L. Fenton of the Millersburg Glass Company.

1988, marigold, featuring Edward Muhleman of the Imperial Glass Company.

1989, sapphire blue, featuring Thomes A. E. Dugan of the Dugan Glass Company.

Fenton's Redcliff Bells: Fenton acquired the moulds for the five bells pictured below from the Redcliff Company. They were originally goblet moulds. Fenton turned them into bells and advertised them as "Collectibells".


Knobby Bull's Eye

Sable Arche



Imperial Bells:

The bells shown below were made by the Imperial Glass Company in the contemporary era of the 1960's through to 1984 when Imperial closed.

Fashion - The 6 1/2 inch bell, found only in Meadow Green, are quite hard to find. The LIG mark is small and placed on the band where the handle meets the bell.

Hobnail - The bells are five inches tall and were produced in marigold (Rubigold), smoke (Peacock), amber, and pink. The IG mark is difficult to find; it's on the stem just below the finial. This one has an Imperial paper label on the inside.

Santa - This was made for Mary Walrath around 1983 by the last company to own the Imperial name. It has Santas around the skirt and pine trees above the cable. Blue, green, and red are other colors found.

Suzanne - These contemporary bells come in cobalt (Aurora Jewels), white, ice blue (Horizon Blue), pink, purple, and yellow. Cobalt, white, and pink seem to be the most frequently seen with purple and yellow being more scarce.

Other Makers' Bells:

The bells shown below were made by various makers in the contemporary era.

L.E. Smith Moon and Stars Bell - Found in red. One of the many Moon and Stars shapes.

L.E. Smith Bird Bell - Found in red. This three panel bell has three birds pictured in one and plumes and scrolls in the other two. Marked Smith Glass Co. on the inside.

Mosser Bicentennial Bell - Found in blue. Made to commemorate the US bicentennial.

St. Clair Bicentennial Bell - Found in blue. Made to mark the US bicentennial. This bell was made from the Strawberry and Currant goblet mold.

St. Clair 1975 Carillon Bell Tower - This was made as a souvenir for the 1975 ACGA convention in Dayton, Ohio. Marked J.ST.C..

Westmoreland Wildflower Bell - Found in red. This bell was made from the Wildflower goblet mold.

Diamond Bell - Found in blue, this bell has a diamond pattern around it. The maker is unknown.