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Dresser Sets
Old catalogs show these Grape and Cable dresser sets. The sets include two cologne bottles, a powder jar, a hatpin holder, a small pin tray and a large dresser tray, both oval. Many pieces are found with a plain band rather than the cable, and some found with a stippled background. Typically complete sets are hard to find as pieces are sold separately at auctions. Hatpin holders have been reproduced.

Enough vases, made from the hatpin holder, are known to suggest that they were a production item. Found in amethyst and this rare green.

Cologne bottle with stopper: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Blue, Lavender, Marigold
Cologne bottle with stopper, banded: Amethyst/Purple, Marigold
Cologne bottle with stopper, stippled & banded: Marigold
Dresser trays, large oval: Amethyst/Purple, Blue, Custard, Green, Ice Blue, Marigold, White
Dresser trays, large oval, banded: Amethyst/Purple, Marigold
Dresser trays, large oval, stippled & banded: Marigold
Hatpin holders: Amethyst/Purple, Aqua Opal, Black Amethyst, Blue, Camphor/Green Stain, Custard/Nutmeg Stain, Green, Horehound, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Lime Green, Marigold, Sapphire Blue, White
Hatpin holders, banded Amethyst/Purple, Blue, Marigold
Hatpin holders, stippled & banded: Marigold
Powder jars: Amethyst/Purple, Aqua Opal, Blue, Green, Horehound, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Marigold, White
Powder jars, stippled: Blue, Marigold
Pin tray, small oval: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Blue, Lavender, Marigold, Pearlized Custard, White
Pin tray, small oval, banded: Amethyst/Purple, Custard/Nutmeg Stain
Pin tray, small oval, stippled & banded: Marigold
Directly above are photos of an Banded and Stippled Dresser Tray in Marigold and a partial Banded Dresser Set in Purple

Pin dishes (shown above to the left) were made from the punch cups. Not all are as flat as this ice blue example, which sold in 1994. They are sometimes referred to as nappies.

Pin dish or nappy whimsey, from punch cup: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Blue, Marigold

Candlesticks and Candlelamps
While many collectors prefer to have a pair of these candleholders, many are sold individually. The candlelamps are two pieces plus a metal bracket to attach the shade to the base. The base is simply a candlestick.

Candleolders and shades come in Amethyst/Purple, Green and Marigold.

Table Sets and Breakfast Sets
The Grape and Cable table set consists of four pieces; a covered butter dish, a covered sugar bowl, an open spooner, and a creamer. Spooners filled with water and were used to hold serving spoons. These sets were destined for the dinner table. Above right is a photo of a Stippled Covered Butter Dish.

Breakfast sets had a smaller and more squatty open sugar and creamer only.

Note that butter dishes have been reproduced. See an article on these reproduction butter dishes.

Table sets, 4 piece: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Green, Marigold
Butter dishes, covered, stippled: Amethyst/Purple
Breakfast sets: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Marigold
Bowls and Plates
Fruit Bowls and Banana Boats
Humidors, Cookie Jars, Compotes and Sweetmeats
Water Sets and Whiskey Sets
Punch Sets