Grape and Cable Large Fruit Bowls, Small Fruit Bowls, Centerpiece Bowls, Banana Boats and Ferneries - Northwood
Northwood's Fruit Bowls, Centerpiece Bowls, Banana Boats and Ferneries are some of the largest bowls found in Carnival Glass. These pieces all come with scrolled feet. The Fruit Bowls, Centerpiece Bowls and Ferneries have three feet while the Banana Boats have four.

The fruit bowls come in two sizes, large and small.

Large Fruit Bowls come in Purple, Blue, Green, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Lime Green, marigold, and White. Stippled and Banded are found in Blue and Reninger Blue. Banded are found in Marigold and Blue. They are sometimes referred to as Orange bowls. A few of the large size bowls have a blackberry interior. The large size fruit bowls come in three variations: Cabled, Banded, and Banded and Stippled. A few bowls have been found with a Blackberry interior.

Fenton also made large fruit bowls in this pattern, most of which have the Persian Medallion interior.

A large cabled fruit bowl with typical ruffling. The large fruit bowl above is the banded and stippled. The large fuitbowl above is banded but not stippled.

The second size is referred to as the Small Size Fruit Bowl. It comes Unstippled and Stippled.

The unstippled version comes in Purple, Blue, Green, White, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lime Green and Marigold. The stippled version comes in Purple, Blue, Green and Marigold.

Above is an unstippled small size fruit bowl. Above is a stippled small size fruit bowl in Blue.  

Centerpiece Bowls come from the same mold as the small sized Fruit Bowls but are flared round and are not ruffled. The rim may be flared straight up, flared out or cupped in. There may be several chop plates flattened from centerpiece bowls. Don Moore reports in his September 1992 color insert on chop plates for the ICGA Pump that he knows of one of these chop plates in amethyst, and that a second one is reported. This chop plate measures 14 inches in diameter and is flattened from the footed centerpiece bowl.
Centerpiece bowl cupped in Centerpiece bowl flared up Centerpiece Bowl flared out

Banana Boats. It rests on four legs and is about 12 1/2 inches long. Some are banded or stippled and banded.

They come in Amber, Amethyst/Purple, Aqua, Aqua Opal, Blue, Pearlized Custard, Green, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Marigold and White.

Ice Green Banana Boat Blue Banana Boat Banded Marigold Banana Boat Banded and Stippled

Ferneries were made to hold plants and came with a perforated glass liner which is very rare to find today. Colors are Amethyst/Purple, Blue, Custard/Blue Stain, Custard/Nutmeg Stain, Green, Ice Blue, Ice Green, Lavender, Lime Green, Marigold and White.

Below are photos of ferneries in Lime Green, Marigold and White.

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