Grape and Cable Water Sets and Whiskey Sets, Northwood
Grape and Cable water sets are found in two styles, one with the taller pitcher called a tankard, and one with the regular sized pitcher referred to as table size. The tankard style came with tumblers that are a bit taller (above left). Some of the tankard-style tumblers have a flared rim as shown in the photo of the water set. Regular tumblers are 4 inches tall while the tankard-style are about ¼ inch taller. Both regular and tankard style tumblers may be stippled. Tankard water sets are much more difficult to find.

Modifications to the tumbler molds were made as production of them occurred over time. Thus some tumblers have extra grapes, tentrils or leaves.

The table-sized pitcher and tumblers above are ice green, an extremely rare set. At the left are both the tankard and table size tumblers and a whimsey hat, in green, from a tumbler.

Pitchers, table style: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Green, Marigold, Smoke
Pitchers, tankard style: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Green, Marigold
Tumblers, regular: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Horehound, Ice Green, Lavender, Marigold, Smoke
Tumblers, regular, stippled: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Marigold
Tumblers, tankard: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Lavender, Marigold
Tumblers, tankard, stippled: Amethyst/Purple
Hats, made from tumblers: Amethyst/Purple, Custard/Nutmeg, Green, Horehound, Marigold