Grape and Cable Water Sets and Whiskey Sets, Northwood
Grape and Cable water sets are found in two styles, one with the taller pitcher called a tankard, and one with the regular sized pitcher referred to as table size. The tankard style came with tumblers that are a bit taller (above left). Some of the tankard-style tumblers have a flared rim as shown in the photo of the water set. Regular tumblers are 4 inches tall while the tankard-style are about ¼ inch taller. Regular style tumblers may also be stippled. Tankard water sets are much more difficult to find. Rare king-size tumblers are 4 3/8 inches tall. Modifications to the tumbler mold were made as production of them occurred. This means that some tumblers have extra grapes, tentrils or leaves.

The table-sized pitcher above is ice green.

At the left is a whimsey, in green, from a tumbler. This one is unusual in that it is much more widely flared than most ruffled hats.

Water sets. 7 piece, table style: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Marigold
Water sets, 7 piece, tankard style: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Marigold
Pitchers, table style: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Green, Marigold, Smoke
Pitchers, tankard style: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Ice Green, Marigold
Tumblers, regular: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Horehound, Ice Green, Lavender, Marigold, Smoke
Tumblers, regular, stippled: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Marigold
Tumblers, for tankard: Amethyst/Purple, Green, Lavender, Marigold
Hats, made from tumblers: Amethyst/Purple, Custard/Nutmeg, Green, Horehound, Marigold
Whiskey Sets
Whiskey sets and shot glasses are very scarce. A typical set will have the decanter, stopper and six shot glasses. The shot glasses are shaped like a tumbler but are only 2 3/4 inches tall. Pound for pound, shot glasses are some of the most expensive items in Carnival. Whiskey sets are available in Marigold and Amethyst.

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