Contemporary Carnival Glass Handled Baskets

Beaded Basket, Mosser - This basket is a reproduction of Dugan's Beaded Basket using the original mold. This green piece is marked with Mosser's "M" on the bottom.

Beaded Holly, Fenton - This basket is made from a tumbler and has an applied handle.

Butterfly, Fenton - Looking very much like the original Butterflies bonbon, these amethyst reissues could fool even the knowledgeable collector were it not for the Fenton mark. Also found in ice blue and red.

Butterfly and Berry, Fenton - Fenton took this Butterfly and Berry tumbler and applied a handle to it to make a basket.

Cabbage Rose, Fenton - Fenton made many shapes in the Cabbage Rose pattern. This 5 inch tall basket has a rose in the center. The exterior is plain. It is marked Fenton.

Cactus, Fenton and Summit - Fenton and Summit made many shapes in the Cactus pattern.

Cameo, Westmoreland - This 9 1/2 inch tall basket is made by Westmoreland Glass and is marked on the bottom. It is found in this red and also in purple. The blank cameo appears on both sides.

Canterbury, Indiana - This 11 inch tall basket is made by Indiana Glass.

Cherry Chain, Fenton - A classic era Fenton pattern re-made in the contemporary period in red with a handle applied. Marked Fenton on the bottom.

Chessie The Cat, Fenton - Made by Fenton as a covered jar, this basket is a whimsey.

Drapery, Fenton - This basket is 6 inches tall.

Daisy Basket, Imperial - Imperial's Daisy vase with an applied handle.

Diamond Panel, Fenton - These nine inch tall baskets are made by Fenton in the late 1990's. This one is in a light ameythst color. These are marked on the bottom with "Fenton" in an oval.

Dogwood Basket, Fenton - A small basket where the two parts of the handle do not meet. Shown here in plum opal, other colors are known.

English Hobnail, Westmoreland - English Hobnail is a Westmoreland pattern and this basket is marked Westmoreland but Fenton made the English Hobnail water set. Known in red, teal and this pink.

Feather Basket, Fenton - This blue handled basket was made by Fenton and is 13 inches wide and 11 inches tall.

474, Fenton - This red handled basket was made from the 474 tumbler.

Grape, Gibson - Marked on the bottom "Gibson 2001", this red basket is 5 inches tall. It has a grape pattern on the outside and is plain on the inside.

Heirloom, Indiana Glass - Indiana's Heirloom collection contains several shapes, including this basket. Found in red/amberina or amethyst.

Hobnail, Fenton - .

Hummingbird and Roses, Fenton - This basket has a central hummingbird surrounded by roses and one other hummingbird. The exterior is the Cabbage Rose pattern. In red and marked Fenton.

Innovation, L. E. Smith - Innovation was an early Mckee pattern. Both L.E. Smith and Fenton made pieces from these molds.

Inverted Floral, Fenton - This basket is the Canadian Carnival Glass Association souvenir from 1991.

Inverted Strawberry, Guernsey - This basket is made from an Inverted Strawberry tumbler and is marked with a capital "B" in a triangle.

Lily of The Valley, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in the Lily of the Valley pattern including this basket.

Lions, Fenton - Similar to the three toed bowl shown here, this version has a handle attached. In red and marked Fenton.

Paneled Grape, Westmoreland -

Persian Garden, Fenton - Persian Garden is a classic era pattern by Dugan. Here it is in contemporary glass by Fenton.

Persian Medallion, Fenton - Fenton began reproducing Persian Medallion in the 1970s. Among the items made is the handled basket shown. In addition, Fenton made bowls, plates, compotes and spittoons. All should have the Fenton mark. Several colors are found.

Princess Feather, Fenton - Similar to the Westmoreland Princess Feather, but this is made by Fenton in a basket shape. They will be marked with the oval Fenton logo.

Quilted Interior, Fenton - .

Quintec, L. E. Smith - Several shapes were made in the Quintec pattern, molds acquired from Mckee.

Ribbon Tie, Fenton - These Fenton baskets have a Ribbon Tie pattern interior and a floral exterior.

Scroll Embossed, Imperial - Often with excellent iridizing, these 9-inch bowls are found in ice blue, ice green, pink, and possibly amethyst. The examples are marked LIG, and some have applied handles.

Singleton Bailey baskets, Fenton - Singleton Bailey had Fenton make these small baskets. The basket on the left has chickens and the basket to the right has a frolicking bear in the center.

Spanish Lace Basket, Fenton - Spanish Lace was a Fenton pattern used to make other shapes in contemporary carnival glass. Found frequently in milk glass from Fenton.

Spanish Lace Basket, Fenton - Fenton made this Spanish Lace bowl into a basket by adding a handle. Spanish Lace was used to make other shapes in contemporary carnival glass. Found frequently in milk glass from Fenton.

Vintage Basket, Fenton - A classic era Fenton pattern re-made in the contemporary period in red with a handle applied. Marked Fenton on the bottom.