L. G. Wright Glass
The L.G. Wright Glass Company was started by Si Wright in 1937. L.G. Wright has always been a distributor of glass as it never made any of its own glass. The company purchased glassware from other companies and then sold it to retailors or other customers.

The company did acquire moulds and have molds made for it but again the glass was made by others. Many of the moulds Wright acquired came from the Dugan Diamond Company that closed in 1931 and we see many original Dugan patterns being re-made by Wright. When Wright closed, many of these Dugan moulds passed on to Mosser Glass.

The L.G. Wright Glass Company continued in operation until 1999 when it closed its doors and sold all its remaining stock and molds at public auction.

Only some of L. G. Wright glass is marked with one of the Wright marks. LG Wright had a Grape and Cable Butter Dish and a Grape Delight nut bowl made by Mosser Glass. The mark on these two pieces was very like the orignal Northwood mark and the American Canival Glass Association, who owns the rights to the Northwood mark, sued. L. G. Wright, in a half hearted attempt to change their mark, added a single line to the "N" to make it look like a "W". They then changed the mark to a full "W". The succession of these marks can be seen to the right, top to bottom.

In the 1960s and 70s, LG Wright used the "Bee" mark on glass made from molds acquired from Higbee Glass.
Other carnival glass made for L. G. Wright Glass:
Floral and Grape
Fruits and Flowers
God & Home pitcher, tumbler
Grape and Cable fake butter and Grape Delight fake nut bowl
Golden Harvest
Maple Leaf
Rambler Rose pitcher
Stork and Rushes

For more information on the L.G. Wright Glass Company,

see 1980 Supplement to Master Catalog for L.G. Wright

see Lloyd Reichel's book entitled "Modern Carnival Glass Collectors Book I".

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