Contemporary Carnival Glass Goblets and Wines

Eagle, Imperial - Imperial originally made this Eagle Goblet as a cigarette holder with an accompanying ashtray.

Golden Harvest, Fenton and LG Wright - Fenton reproduced amethyst, marigold and red Golden Harvest wine decanters using a mold originally used by Dugan/Diamond. The amethyst ones appeared in Fenton's 2002 catalog. LG Wright made complete purple sets in the 1980s.

Grape, Imperial - Imperial made several shapes in Imperial Grape in the contemporary period. These goblets are found in marigold, purple and smoke.

Grape, Imperial - Imperial made several shapes in Imperial Grape in the contemporary period including this wine set in ice blue.

Whirling Star Wine, Degenhart -

Hobnail, Fenton - This decanter set in red is in the Fenton line of Hobnail pieces.

Nona Goblet, Imperial - Extremely rare, this unmarked Imperial goblet is 5 3/4 inches tall.

Moon and Star, Fenton - The Moon and Star decanter set appeared in Fenton's 2006 catalog. It was shown in amethyst glass. The decanter set was sold with a decanter and two wines. Additional wines could be purchased.

Liberty Bell Goblet, Imperial - This amber goblet was made in 1973 for E. Ward Russell. Six inches tall, the goblets have the IG mark, E.W.R, and the date 2-24-73 on the base. The Liberty Bell with words "Declaration of Independence" over it is on the front panel. The back says "1776 200 Years Ago 1976".

Madonna Inn, Fenton - Fenton made these goblets for the gift shop of the Madonna Inn in California. Originally from an LG Wright mold. Two sizes exist; 6.25 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches tall. Also, there are two version as some have the words "Madonna Inn" molded into the top rim while others do not.

Kite and Panels, Imperial - This goblet was made in 1970 in Imperial's cobalt (Aurora Jewels) and is 6 1/2 inches tall. It is marked on the bottom with Imperial's IG. It is a reproduction of Imperial's Tulip and Cane made in the Classic period of 1909 to 1929.
Hierloom and Tiara, Imperial - The goblets are by Indiana Glass. Hierloom in red and Tiara in a lime green. Both were part of a water set.

Orangetree, Fenton - For four years (1998 - 2001), HOACGA used the Orangetree wine as its table favor for those attending that years' convention banquet. Colors were white, violet, blue and topaz opal.

Persian Medallion, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in this classic era pattern including a goblet which was not made in the classic era. Found in this amethyst and this red.

Star and File Wine Set - Imperial reissued relatively few pieces in Star and File. This photo is of a smoke wine set. While the decanter looks like the vintage version, the wines have shorter stems and larger bowls than the originals. Marked "IG".

St Clair cordials and wines - here are three stemmed pieces all in cobalt blue and all marked in one form or another "St Clair". The two on the left and the right are 4 inches tall and the one in the center is three inches tall.

Various Unmarked Goblets - The goblets pictured above are all unmarked. St Clair made each of them, but LG Wright and Westmoreland could each take credit for some if not all of them; as molds often changed hands. Shown here, from left to right, are Hobstar, Wildflower, Strawberry and Currant, Rose in Snow, and Paneled Thistle.

Westward Ho - Westmoreland made this goblet in amethyst for Levay Distribution Company in the 1970s.

Park Lane - Indiana Glass made this 5 1/4 inch tall goblet in many non-carnival colors. Amber seems to be the only iridized one.