Contemporary Carnival Glass Goblets and Wines

Eagle, Imperial - Imperial originally made this Eagle Goblet as a cigarette holder with an accompanying ashtray.

Golden Harvest, Fenton - Fenton reproduced red Golden Harvest Wine Sets using a mold originally used by Dugan/Diamond. The wines and decanter are identical to the old pieces. Wright made these purple sets in the 1980s.

Grape, Imperial - Imperial made several shapes in Imperial Grape in the contemporary period. These goblets are found in marigold, purple and smoke.

Whirling Star Wine, Degenhart -

Hobnail, Fenton - This decanter set in red is in the Fenton line of Hobnail pieces.

Kite and Panels, Imperial - This goblet was made in 1970 in Imperial's cobalt (Aurora Jewels) and is 6 1/2 inches tall. It is marked on the bottom with Imperial's IG. It is a reproduction of Imperial's Tulip and Cane made in the Classic period of 1909 to 1929.

Liberty Bell Goblet, Imperial - These amber goblets were made in 1973 for E. Ward Russell. Six inches tall, the goblets have the IG mark, E.W.R, and the date 2-24-73 on the base. The Liberty Bell with words "Declaration of Independence" over it is on the front panel. The back says "1776 200 Years Ago 1976".

Madonna Inn, Fenton - Fenton made these goblets for the gift shop of the Madonna Inn in California. Originally from an LG Wright mold. Two sizes exist. Also, there are two versions; one version has the words "Madonna Inn" molded into the top rim while others do not. Both goblets above are 6.25 inches tall. There are also 5 1/2 inch tall versions.

Nona Goblet, Imperial - Extremely rare, this unmarked Imperial goblet is 5 3/4 inches tall.

Orangetree, Fenton - For four years (1998 - 2001), HOACGA used the Orangetree goblet as its table favor for those attending that years' convention banquet. Colors were white, violet, blue and topaz opal.

Persian Medallion, Fenton - Fenton made several shapes in this classic era pattern including a goblet which was not made in the classic era. Found in this amethyst and this red.

St Clair cordials and wines - here are three stemmed pieces all in cobalt blue and all marked in one form or another "St Clair". The two on the left and the right are 4 inches tall and the one in the center is three inches tall.

Star and File Wine Set, Imperial - Imperial reissued relatively few pieces in Star and File. This photo of a smoke wine set was sent in by King Hoppel in 2014. While the decanter looks like the vintage version, the wines have shorter stems and larger bowls than the originals.

Various Unmarked Goblets - The goblets pictured above are all unmarked. St Clair, LG Wright and Westmoreland could each take credit for some if not all of them; as molds often changed hands. Shown here, from left to right, are Hobnail, Wildflower, Fruit, Roses in Snow, and Thistle.

Westward Ho, Imperial - Westmoreland made this goblet in amethyst for Levay Distribution Company in the 1970s.