These three Fenton bowls share the Butterfly and Berry exterior.
Fantail - Fenton
Fantail is one of several Fenton patterns that has the Butterfly and Berry motif on the exterior; there are three ball feet. Above are an electric blue ice cream shaped bowl and one of two known blue chop plates. There are also two chop plates in marigold. Colors are blue, green and marigold.

Fenton reproduced this pattern in the 1970s.

Hearts and Trees - Fenton
At a glance, this pattern would appear to be Butterfly and Berry; that's what the exterior pattern is. The interior, though, is the seldom seen Hearts and Trees pattern that has heart-shaped leaves on the bottom and trees along the sides of the interior, almost like a forest glen. Closely related to Heart and Vine and Stream of Hearts. These bowls are known almost exclusively in marigold like the one at the left. Few green example exist such as the centerpiece bowl on the right. Dean and Diane Fry report a bowl in blue.
Panther - Fenton
This pattern is named for its interior motif--the exterior is Butterfly and Berries. There are two cats that have come to be known as panthers--though they could be almost any large feline. Shown above is a large ruffled berry bowl in green and a round, spread out bowl in marigold commonly referred to as a centerpiece bowl. All pieces have ball feet. The large ruffled bowls com ein aqua, amethyst, blue, green, marigold, a rare nile green, olive green and white.
Above, to the left, is a sauce in red. This whimsied blue sauce, to the right, with feet pulled up so that the piece rests on the collar base. These small pieces come in a range of colors.