Heart and Vine - Fenton
Heart and Vine is found in plates and bowls with three-in-one edges, ruffled, and the candy ribbon edge shown above. The plate on the left is blue with green iridescence.

Plates can be found in amethyst, blue and a very rare marigold. Bowls can be found in amethyst, blue, green and marigold.

The photo, above to the right, is of a bowl that collectors call Heart and Vine Variant. Note that while it is the same essential pattern as that to the left, it has less detail in the wreath of leaves which are smaller and more delicate. This leaves clear blank spaces within the pattern. Heart and Vine and Heart and Vine Variant are both found easily.

As shown below, the pattern was used as the basis for Fenton's Good Luck bowls with the addition of a horseshoe and the words "Good Luck" in the center and also used as the basis for two advertising pieces: Spector's Department Store plate and the J N Ledford plate.