Butterfly and Berry - Fenton
Butterfly and Berry was Fenton's most popular pattern and is found in a fair number of shapes. The pattern was used on the exterior of other Fenton patterns; Hearts and Trees, Fantail, and Panther.

Bowls, all with claw feet, are easily found. Above are a green bowl in the typical round shape and a blue bowl with the sides straight up called a fernery. If these bowls are slightly cupped in, they're referred to a rosebowls. If the bowls are widely spread into an ice cream shape, they're called centerpiece bowls, such as the one pictured to the right. Smaller bowls were also made and would make a berry set when six were paired with a large bowl. Large bowls may also be ruffled and small bowls are typically round as shown in the picture to the right.

Typical colors include amethyst, blue, green and marigold. Rare colors would be Nile Green, teal and white. Small berry bowls are also known in red. Imported fake bowls are known in white and amethyst.

On the left are the typical Butterfly and Berry hatpin holders in marigold and blue, the only colors they are known in. Hatpin holders have the same claw feet that the bowls do. Hatpin holders are about seven inches tall and have six panels around the piece.

One of the few swung vase patterns that is part of a wider range of shapes. These vases were made from a tumbler mold using a different ring cap with flames or scallops. Because the vases were made from such a small mold, they seldom are more than about 9 inches tall. Most have pulled-up flames like that at the back, but the crimped top is fairly common. On the right is one of two known marigold unswung vases made from a tumbler mold.

Vase colors include amber, amethyst, blue, celeste, green, lime green, marigold, red, vaseline and white.

Fenton' Butterfly and Berry water and sets are found mostly in blue and Marigold, however, amethyst and green are also known. At left is the typical water pitcher and tumbler found. But in the center is a variant water pitcher that has fewer berries and leaves towards the bottom part of the pitcher. Note that there is no leaf below the butterfly as in the standard version. This variant pitcher is in amethyst.

Tumblers were reissued in amethyst by Fenton in the 1970s.

Fenton's Butterfly and Berry also comes in a four piece table set including a covered sugar, a spooner, a creamer and a covered butter dish. Note that all the pieces of the table set have the claw and ball feet. Table sets are found mostly in marigold but are also known in amethyst, blue and green.