The items below are Fenton patterns that only came in a two handled bonbon with a collar base.
Butterflies - Fenton
Fenton's Butterflies can be distinguished from the similar Northwood bonbon by its ring of butterflies surrounding a central butterfly.

Some were issued with "Horlacher" advertising on the base. Colors include amethyst, blue, green and marigold.

Fenton also reissued the pattern in the 1970s.

Cherry Circles - Fenton
This pattern is found in the card tray shape (2 sides up) or round. The central design are six sets of three cherries wrapped in a circle of leaves. Typical Fenton scale pattern fills the center and rings the outer edge. These bonbons are larger than other Fenton bonbons.

The red example is one of the few known. Other colors found are amethyst, aqua, blue, powder blue, green, marigold, and vaseline.

Don't confuse with Fenton's Cherry Chain.

Daisy - Fenton
These bonbons are usually quite attractive and very scarce. A center daisy is surrounded by four daisy sprigs that each tilt to the right.

Known only in blue.

Illusion - Fenton
Illusion comes with a ring of leaves and floral design around a center design that looks more like a maze. A ring of this maze design is also along the very outer edge.

Card tray shapes are less common than the squarish shapes.

Found only in blue and marigold.

Pond Lily - Fenton
Pond Lily has a wreath of pond lilies around the scale filled center and a ring of Fenton's scale band pattern circling the edge.

Though similar, it's not Fenton's Water Lily pattern.

Colors found are amethyst, blue, blue milk glass, a rare celeste, green, ice green, lavender, marigold, peach opal, vaseline and white.

Prayer Rug - Fenton
Prayer Rug was produced in custard glass and few of them were iridized. The pattern has a ring of fabric-like texture around the edges and four scarf-like shapes hanging toward the center. Bowls usually have weak iridescence.

Plates can be found signed by Terry Crider. These may be old plates, but the iridescense is from the contemporary period.

Rose Bouquet - Fenton
One of the rarest of bonbons and once thought to be only found only in white. A cobalt blue Rose Bouquet bonbon is known to exist. A center rose is encircled with a vine of leaves and more roses.

Similar patterns are Northwood's Basket of Roses and Fenton's Wreath of Roses which is a stemmed bonbon.

Strawberry - Fenton
Fenton's Strawberry has two sprigs of strawberries around the outer edge. A few examples have an additional strawberry on the bottom of the base. The photo shows an example in lime green opal.

These bonbons come in many colors and can make quite a collection within a collection.

Two Fruits - Fenton
While usually round as shown at left, some examples of these divided bonbons are ruffled and some have four sides up (square). With a background of stippled rays, each quadrant has a fruit with some leaves. The fruit appears to be two apples and two pears. Notice the typical Fenton bracket edge.

These are found in blue, green and marigold.