Cherry Chain - Fenton
This pattern can be distinguished from the similarly named Cherry Circles (found only in bonbons) by the grouping of cherries in the center. It has the same looped motif around the outer edge as Leaf Chain. Above left is a typical large ruffled bowl in marigold along with a small ruffled sauce. These two pieces would form a berry set with one large and six sauces. On the right is a green small plate.

Shapes include two sizes of bowls and two sizes of plates made from two unique molds. The molds include one that made 10-11 inch chop plates and large 9 to 10 inch bowls and one that made 6 inch plates and small 5-6 inch ruffled or round sauces. The largest bowl can be ruffled, 3/1, or ice cream shaped. The exact size of each of these pieces is determined by the shaping of the outer edges.

While all pieces have five groups of cherries around the edge and one in the center, the large pieces have six cherries in each grouping and the smaller pieces only have three cherries in each.

The pattern on the back is Orange Tree.

Colors include, amethyst, blue, green, marigold, a rare vaseline and white.

Fenton reissued the pattern in several colors and shapes, including chop plates in the 1970s.