Water Lily - Fenton
While Water Lily is the usual name for this pattern, some collectors refer to it as Lotus and Poinsettia--as those are really the flora shown. It can be confused with other Fenton patterns such as Pond Lily or Waterlily and Cattails. Above left is a large bowl in green. The round shape is scarce. In the center is a sauce in red. Bear in mind that red sauces are fairly easy to find in this pattern. The photo on the right shows the first reported large berry bowl in red--and a dark red at that. Courtesy of Steve Long.

Most bowls and sauces are ball footed like those shown above, but there are examples with collar bases.

Collections of just waterlily sauces can be made as they come in a wide range of colors.

Here are three very unusual pieces in the Water Lily pattern. Above left is one of two known chop plates, flattened from a large berry bowl. It's marigold and is courtesy of Don and Becky Hamlet. In the center is a sauce in red/amberina slag. Note the amberina in the center with red toward the edges. There are areas of red in the amberina areas and two of the feet are amberina; the third red. Courtesy of Janet Knechtel. To the right is a sauce in reverse amberina opal. Note that the base is red and the outer parts are amberina opalescent.