Gibson Art Glass
The Gibson Glass Company was started by Charles Gibson in 1976 in Milton, W.V. Charles worked as a glassmaker from the 1950s at such glass companies as Indiana Glass and Blenko. His company was open only one year when he decided to change careers and become a full time pastor.

However, the company was soon reopened by Charles and his son Phillip.

Gibson Glass produced a wide variety of blown, mold - blown, and hand crafted items. They are probably best known for their glass cruets and for their unique carnival glass, Vaseline glass, and crackle glass designs. They also did a wide range of figurines, paperweights, bowls, marbles, toothpick holders, and water sets.

Gibson pieces typically have an impressed mark on the bottom of the pieces which reads "Gibson" and a year of manufacturer.

The company closed in 2006.

Other carnival glass made by the Gibson Art Glass:
Harvest Flower
Heavy Iris
CCGA Club Souvenirs

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