Three Fruits - Northwood
Northwood's Three Fruits is extremely popular and rightly so. It has an attractive combination of fruits and foliage and enough variety in edge treatments, backs, colors and base configurations to satisify the most compulsive of collectors. Besides, there is Fenton's version and another by Northwood called Three Fruits Medallion with three leaves in the center (rather than cherries) and a Meander back. A similar Northwood pattern, Fruits and Flowers, has a plain center. Above are a purple pie crust edge bowl (unstippled), the central part of a stippled marigold bowl and an unstippled ruffled bowl in smoke. A point to remember with Three Fruits is that the pattern tends to become worn because of the rasied fruits, lessening the value. The pattern was apparently first issued in 1910.
The above left stippled plate in aqua opalescent sold at the 2012 Southern California Carnival Glass club auction. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions. The piece shown in the center has the words, "Mrs. V.S. White, 1910" lettered along one edge and "Christmas" along the other. This seems to confirm the listed date of first manufacture as 1910. Photo courtesy of Belinda Prinz. The photo to the far right shows a stippled plate in electric blue.