Three Fruits Medallion - Northwood
The difference between Three Fruits Medallion and Three Fruits is the three leaves that appear in the center of the design, rather than the cherries. Both of these patterns are by Northwood. The pattern is also somewhat smaller, leaving a wider plain band around the outside.

Three Fruits Medallion come either with spatula feet or on a dome base. Spatula footed bowls have Northwood's Meander back which is shwon at the bottom right. The spatula footed variety can come stippled or unstippled as shown below.

Dome based bowls can have one of two exteriors. Most dome footed bowls have a combination exterior of Basketweave and Vintage patterns as shown in the center photo above. But a few dome footed bowls come with an exterior that is almost plain with the exception of a faint grape vine and grapes as shown in the photo to the right.

Both the spatula footed and dome footed pieces are found only in ruffled bowls. These come in a variety of colors.