Fruits and Flowers - Northwood
Fruits and Flowers is similar to Northwood's Three Fruits that is seen only in plates and bowls. Both have the same three fruits arranged in the same way, but Fruits and Flowers lacks any pattern in the center (excepting the rare variant shown below). You can confirm that the pattern is Fruits and Flowers and not Three Fruits also by looking for the small flowers that curl in toward the center from the fruit spray. The pattern has three separate moulds. The first made large 10 inch ruffled bowls such as the lavender one in the photo at left. The center photo shows the smaller 6 to 7 inch items all made from the same mould. The shapes of this smaller piece include flat plates, ruffled bowls, double handgrip plates and single handgrip plates as shown in the far right photo. The final mould is for the stemmed bonbon shown below.


Above left is a typical plate, in the center is a green variant plate with three leaves pointing toward the center with stippling behind them. Also known in marigold. The variant also comes in a ruffled bowl.

There are no vintage chop plates, but new examples of a similar design exist.

The footed bonbon is the most frequently seen item in Fruits and Flowers and comes in several colors as can be seen in the photos above. Because it is stemmed, it is occasionally identified as a two-handled compote. Some of the amethyst bonbons are found with a plain exterior rather than basketweave and are more desirable. Aqua opal is a fairly common color in these bonbons.

The bonbons were reproduced by Fenton in amethyst.