Springtime - Northwood
In general, a scarce pattern and never found in pastel colors (the pattern apparently went out of production prior to Northwood's introduction of pastel colors about 1912). Springtime has butterflies and foliage on panels like that of Singing Birds, but no birds. The pattern also has a basketweave design around the lower trunk, similar to Northwood's Raspberry. The pattern comes in three sets: the Water Set with a pitcher and six tumblers, a berry set with one large berry bowl and six small berries and a four piece table set.

The top row of water pitchers shows the only three colors that all Springtime pieces come in. From left to right: amethyst, marigold and green.

The table set has a spooner, creamer, covered butter, and covered sugar. It's generally accepted that the butter bottom is shared among this pattern, Peacock at the Fountain, and Singing Birds.