Peacock at the Fountain - Northwood & Dugan
Peacock at the Fountain is a collector's dream due to the number of shapes and colors available. In Northwood's Peacock at the Fountain pattern, the single peacock faces to the left (except for the compotes) toward the fountain. Dugan also made pitchers and tumblers in this pattern, mostly blue. In the photo above, the tumbler on the left is the Northwood variety and has less detail than the Dugan on the right. While Northwood items may be marked with their "N" logo, not all may be. In any event, there is little difference in the value of the items made by the two manufacturers. With the table set, the butter base is shared with that of Singing Birds.
Both of these bowls on the left were made from the same mold. On the left is a typically shaped fruit or orange bowl, but in the rare aqua opal. On the right is the rare rosebowl with the sides cupped in at the top. Both are courtesy of Don and Becky Hamlet. On the far right is a fruit bowl in a rare sapphire.
Punch sets normally are made up of a bowl and base along with six cups as shown with the lime ice green set here. These are typical shapes for the berry bowls. The small berry has less detail than the large one and has no peacock at all. Unlike other pieces in the pattern, the peacock on the compotes faces to the right. These compotes are both aqua opal, the one on the left with pastel iridescence, on the right with butterscotch.
Here are some special Peacock at the Fountain items. The Peacock at the Fountain spittoon is whimsied from a sugar bowl and the creamer whimsied from a punch cup. The spitton is green. The creamer is Renninger blue. At far right is a punch set in aqua opal, a very rare color for a Northwood punchset in any pattern.