Singing Birds - Northwood
Singing Birds differs from Imperial's Robin in that the birds here are framed by panels. Northwood's own Springtime pattern was made in some of the same shapes as Singing Birds and has some of the same features--including the panels. If it has a butterfly and basketweave around the bottom, it's Springtime. Singing Birds water sets, table sets and berry sets are found in amethyst, green and marigold. Tumblers are known in the additional colors of lime green, olive green, smoke and teal. Note that the table set above is missing the covered spooner.

Note that reproduced Singing Birds tumblers have been found in amethyst, aqua opal, cobalt and ice green.

Mugs are the most often seen shape in this pattern. There are two versions, one without stippling (left) and one with stippling (right). Similar to Robin mugs, but this one has the birds displayed on panels. Mugs come in a much wider range of colors and are quite collectible.

Bowls are rather difficult to find in this pattern. Bowls come in two sizes that form a berry set as shown above in this photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.