Peacock and Urn - Millersburg
Millersburg's Peacock and Urn, like those of Fenton and Northwood, has a bee just beyond the bird's beak. A rayed star in the base can confirm the pattern as Millersburg. The Peacock and Urn pieces were made from at least 6 different molds. The large and small ice cream and ruffled bowls and chop plates shown in this section are the major items seen in the pattern but there were several similar molds, each of which has acquired its own name, Shotgun, Mystery, and small mould variant. The large mould was used to make the ice cream shaped bowl and chop plate above.
The Peacock and Urn mystery bowl is so named because its attribution was a mystery for a long time. It has beads only on the top of the bowl and top of the column. It can be distinguished quickly from other Millersburg Peacock and Urn patterns by the small leaf that overlaps the front right side of the urn. One plate has been reported in the pattern.

The shotgun variant has no urn on top of the pedestal. Marie McGee, in her 1995 book on Millersburg Glass, commented that the name "shotgun" originated when someone apparently thought that the pedestal without the urn looked like the barrel of a shotgun--and the name stuck. About 7 1/2 inches across.

These compotes are quite large pieces of glass with a width of about 9 inches. Because of their size, they are often referred to as "giant". The small variant bowl has three rows of beads--on the urn and column.

All these pieces are found in typical Millersburg colors.