Peacock and Urn - Fenton
Fenton's version of Peacock and Urn is perhaps easiest to distinguish; it has a sawtooth edge and Fenton's pattern called Bearded Berry on the back. You'll also get to recognize the straight, stiff neck of the bird. As with other Peacock and Urn patterns, there is a bee just beyond the beak of the bird. The pattern comes in ruffled bowls and flat plates in several colors.

On the left is a rare bowl in red. In the center, the first reported plate in amethyst.

At far right is this handsome ruffled bowl is in emerald green and sold at the 2012 Keystone Carnival Glass Club auction. Photo courtesy of Jim Wroda Auctions.

One other shape this pattern comes in is the compote. Fenton's Peacock and Urn compote is quite different and much smaller than the Millersburg piece of the same name. Most are flared and ruffled; the blue example at the left is unusual in that it is goblet shaped.

Courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker.

On the right is a more typical example, round and flared.