Peacock and Urn - Northwood
Northwood's Peacock and Urn can be distinguished from Millersburg's by its smooth, or plain, base. Millersburg's has a many-rayed star. Northwood's Peacock and Urn has a wide panel exterior pattern, a bee to the left of the bird's beak and three rows of beading on the top, center and bottom of the urn. Colors are many and inlcudeamethyst, aqua opal, blue, iridized custard, green, horehound, ice blue, ice green, lime green, marigold, renninger blue, sapphire, smoke, vaseline and white.

Four molds were used to make Northwood's pattern: The large bowls are found with stippling under the bird (though referred to as unstippled) and overall stippling; the small bowls or sauces also are found with stippling under the bird as well as above the bird. Interestingly, ruffled versions of these bowls are much more rare than the ice cream shapes. Above are an overall stippled master ice cream bowl in blue, a unstippled master in pastel marigold and a complete ice cream set (one master and six individuals) in amethyst. On the pastel marigold you can see stippling under the bird, but in the area around the column and urn above the bird, there is no stippling. Thus it is referred to as un-stippled.

Above to the left is a small blue individual berry bowl that is stippled. Next is a small green individual berry bowl that is not stippled. The small berry bowls are found in all the colors that the large bowls are found in except no pastel sapphire or vaseline has yet surfaced.

In the photo second to the right is a close up photo of a small individual berry bowl in amethyst that is not stippled. It shows that there is no bee to the left of the peacock's beak. Thus unstippled small individual berry bowls can occasionally be found without a bee. The photo to the far right shows the bee for comparison.

Above to the left is a large ruffled bowl. In the photo to the right is a large chop plate. Both items were made from the same mould that made the large ice cream bowls above and are found both stippled and unstippled. Both of these are in amethyst but msrigold is also available. Chop plates are also found in ice green and a rare white.To the far right is a pastel sapphire large ice cream bowl.