These Northwood bowls all come dome footed or on three toes. Each is the only shape found in the pattern.
Greek Key and Scales - Northwood
These ruffled bowls, with a domed foot and the greek key pattern on the exterior, were not made from the same mold as the plates and bowls known as Greek Key. Most have a stippled rays interior, though a few have a plain interior.

Colors are amethyst, green, a rare ice green and marigold.

Octet - Northwood
A simple pattern with 8 petals in the center and four hobnails extending out from each petal. The back is a vintage pattern and it has a dome foot. Not often seen. Only found in this dome footed bowl in amethyst, green and marigold.
Rosette with Ruffles and Rings exterior- Northwood
Rosette has a band of small rosettes that circle a larger medallion of rays. Known only in ruffled bowls, some deep enough to be considered nut bowls. Found in amethyst, green and marigold.

Rosette bowls typically have iridized exteriors with the Ruffles and Rings pattern as shown in the photo above to the left. The photo above on the right shows an uniridized Ruffles and Rings exterior. This bowl's interior, as shown on the left, has a plain but iridized interior making Ruffles and Rings the primary pattern.

Ruffles and Rings is also the exterior of some Wishbone bowls.

Star of David and Bows - Northwood
Northwood's version of the Star of David design incorporates a ring of bows around the central star. These bowls have a dome foot and vintage grape back. Also see Imperial's Star of David.

Colors found include amethsyt, blue, green, lavender and marigold.