Wishbone - Northwood
Wishbone is named for it's overlapping wishbone shapes but it is actually a floral pattern. These wishbone shapes frame either a large orchid flower or leaves.

Two different sized molds were used to make bowls and plates. The smaller mold, with 8-9 inch ruffled bowls and 9 inch plates, has a scroll footed base and exterior pattern called Ruffles and Rings. The tricorner whimsies were also made from this mold.

The collar based bowls and plates are a bit larger; 9 to 10 inches. Collar based bowls can be ruffled or have a pie crust edge. The plates made from this larger mold are considered chop plates as they are 10 inches across. Bowls and plates made from this larger mold typically have Northwood's basketweave back, however, a few will have plain backs.

Bowls and plates are typically found in amethyst, green and marigold. Other colors found on occasion, mostly in bowls, are horehound, ice blue, ice green, lime green, olive green, sapphire blue, lavender, smoke and white. Aqua opal and blue are rare in this pattern.

The Wishbone water set is made up of one bulbous pitcher and six tumblers. Found in amethyst, green and marigold. To the right above is a photo of the Orchid flower central to the design of Wishbone.
Wishbone also comes in a single lily epergne. The bowl has a smooth edge, a domed base and a basketweave exterior. Wishbone epergnes are found in amethyst, green, ice blue, lime green, marigold and white. The Wishbone epergne, like other epergnes, often suffers from damage around the hole where the lily is inserted, or to the base of the lily itself. Epergnes are sometimes found with the lily glued into the base.

The base to the single lily epergne comes with one variation. Some bases have a raised circle where the lily fits into the bowl and some bases have a flat bottom to the bowl. These two variations can be seen in the photos below.