Cobblestones - Imperial
Cobblestones has an overall pattern of small raised dots closely packed together. The back pattern is Imperial's Arcs. There was only one size mold for the Cobblestones pattern, yielding ruffled bowls about 9 inches across and an extremely rare plate. Smaller bowls or sauces with a similar pattern will no doubt be Fenton's Pebbles pattern.

Cobblestones are usually in amethyst/purple. The next available colors are marigold and lavender. Other colors that appear less frequently include: aqua, clambroth and green.

Star of David - Imperial
Not hard to identify but still occasionally mixed up with Northwood's Star of David and Bows. This one has Imperial's Arcs pattern on the reverse which can be seen through this ruffled bowl on the left. These are invariably ruffled. Colors on these 8 to 9 inch bowls include green, Helios, marigold and purple.