Contemporary Carnival Glass Compotes
These compotes were made from the 1960s on, though a few would have been reissues made from earlier molds.

Not included here are covered compotes (see Covered pieces).

Acanthus Leaf, Imperial - Imperial made Acanthus Leaf in several shapes. This pattern is different from Imperial's classic era Acanthus.

Innovation Compote, Fenton - This compote appeared in Fenton's 1986-87 catalog. Found in cobalt blue.

Christmas Compote, Fenton - Christmas Compotes were made from the original Dugan mold, first by Antique Publications and then by ICGA.

Double Dolphins, Fenton - The design dates to the original stretch era. Fenton then used the mold for it's contemporary Carnival and Stretch lines beginning in the 1970s.

Drape and Tie, Fenton - This squatty compote was made in amethyst by Fenton in 1977. It is rather similar to Millersburg's Rosalind compote. With the Fenton logo ground off, Drape and Tie could fool even a fairly experienced collector.

Fancy Flowers, Imperial - This compote is an exact replica of the classic era version also made by Imperial. Found in smoke and marigold. Furtunately, the new versions are marked with an "IG".

474, Imperial - This compote was made in the classic era by Imperial with an 8 sided base. Contemporary versions have a round base, a stippled bottom with an "IG" mark and a Peacock Tail interior pattern.

Grape Compote, Fenton - Fenton made this small compote in aqua opal. The Grape pattern is on the underside. The interior is plain.

Heart, Fenton - This unusual compote with the unique heart-shaped stem is Fenton's #9780. It first appears in "Fenton Glass, The 1980s Decade," in uniridized ruby glass (1989). The red iridized examples are listed in the 1990-91 Fenton catalogs.

Heavy Pineapple Compote, Fenton - Fenton also made a water set in this pattern.

Hobnail, Imperial - Note the similarity of the compotes to the bells. The compotes are much more scarce than the bells and only listed in amber.

Inverted Strawberry, Fenton - Fenton, made for Levay, a series of compotes made from the goblet mold. These were made in aqua opal.

Marquette, Fenton - The compote shown is about 7 inches tall and found in cobalt. Made using an old Mckee mold which they call their "Martec" pattern.

Octagon, Imperial - The compote shown is about 5 inches tall (and sometimes ruffled) and found in cobalt (Aurora Jewels). There is another compote in this pattern, about 8 inches tall with a rounded base to the bowl. They are found in marigold, smoke, white, helios, and amber.

Olde Virginia Glass, Fenton

Oval Pinwheel compote, Fenton - Fenton's pattern #8427. Despite the similar name, it's not the same pattern as the Fenton's Pinwheel (#8227). Seen first in Fenton's January 1975 catalog in amethyst.

Pinwheel, Fenton - Fenton's pattern #8227. First shown in Fenton's January 1975 catalog in amethyst, then in the 1989 catalog in marigold on teal glass. Also found in blue and marigold. Bowls identified as this pattern would be by Smith.

Puritan, Fenton - This pattern dates back to 1990 when it was made in black Carnival. It is Fenton's C8625 and is 6 1/2 inches tall.

Rose, Fenton - The compote is Fenton's pattern #9222. Seen first in Fenton's January 1973 catalog in amethyst. Blue is also known. Rather scarce.

Scroll & Eye Compote, Fenton - Not too often seen, this compote (mold number 8248) first appeared in Fenton's 1975 catalog in amethyst. Five inches tall.

Spanish Lace compote, Fenton - Only produced in amethyst in 1980-81.

Shell Comport, Fenton - This Shell with daisy and button pattern is by Fenton. It appears in Fenton's 2000 catalog in this Willow Green Opalescent. It is 4 inches tall and 7 inches across.

Toltec Compote, LE Smith - Used with one of the olde McKee molds.

212, Imperial - This smallish compote is about 3 1/2 inches tall. It has a cut-style pattern and a domed base. Imperial made them in marigold (Rubigold) and smoke (Peacock). These are not found often.

Westward Ho, Westmoreland - Westmoreland made this crimped 5" compote in blue for Levay using the goblet mold. This compote is unmarked. See the goblet made for the Gateway Club here.

Zodiac, Imperial - The open compotes, above, have the Zodiac signs just around the sides. They were made in marigold, purple and smoke.