Daisy, Hobstar and Waffleblock and Plain Jane - Baskets by Imperial
Imperial Baskets from left to right:

Plain Jane is found primarily in handled baskets. The "official" version has subtle flutes. However, plain baskets, usually with stretch iridescence, are also referred to as Plain Jane. Actually, any plain basket, bowl or compote is subject to being labeled Plain Jane, so some confusion is inevitable.

Waffleblock was made in this basket, mostly found in marigold and clambroth but occasionally teal. Waffleblock comes in several other shapes.

In the center is Hobstar and Waffleblock. Look for the bands of small hobstars near the top and bottom as well as the vertical strips of hobstars under the handles. Found only in this 14 inch tall handled basket. Marigold is the color typically found. This smoke example is courtesy of Rick and Jackie Kojis.

The Imperial Daisy basket has much the same shape as other Imperial handled baskets such as Imperial Grape. The exterior is covered by daisies. The basket stands 10 inches tall. This basket is found in clambroth, marigold and smoke. Note that L. E. Smith Glass had the mold before they went out of business and made reproductions in purple and green.

Imperial made its Imperial Grape pattern in several shapes including this basket. Thes have been reproduced.