Waffle Block - Imperial
Carnival glass collectors are partial to representation of flowers, birds, and animals, so the modern-looking Waffle Black design is less desirable than other patterns. The pattern comes in a wide range of shapes but in a limited number of colors. The marigold punch bowl and base are especially dramatic and probably one of the easier shapes to find. Above center are a handled basket in marigold and a 7 inch square bowl in teal. Water tankards and matching tumblers are found infrequently. This water set is in clambroth.
The left photo shows two round flared bowls and a single handled nappy. The larger round flared bowl is 8 1/4 inches across, three inches tall and has a collar base that is 3 3/4 inches across. The smaller round flared bowl is 6 1/4 inches across, 2 1/4 inches tall and has a collar base that is 3 inches across. The single handled nappy is 2 1/2 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches across the bowl (not including the handle). Sherbets, as shown in the center photo, are rarer than other Waffle Block shapes. Breakfast sets, a small creamer and sugar, are another rare shape.

Other known shapes include a nut bowl.

Baskets are the most easily found shape and come in the widest range of colors: aqua/teal, blue, clambroth, marigold, pink, purple, smoke and vaseline. Other shapes have more limited colors where clambroth and marigold are typically the only ones found. There are some teal bowls known.

The photo above to the left shows a Waffle Block punch bowl whimsied into a spittoon and may be the only one. In marigold, it's 9 1/2 inches wide and 5 inches high. Also above, in the center, is a Waffle Block square chop plate. The chop plate is 10 3/4 inches from side to side and 12 1/4 inches from corner to corner. It has a base that is 4 3/8 inches square. And to the right is a Waffle Block cup and saucer set. The cup is the same as a punch cup and the saucer is 6 inches across.