Imperial Grape - Imperial
This was Imperial's equivalent to Northwood's Grape and Cable and the line includes most of the common shapes found in Carnival. There is one large gouping of grapes and leaves in the center of plates and bowls or around pitchers, tumblers and goblets. The outer edge of the pattern typically has lines in a scallop shape.

Imperial reproduced many items beginning in the 1960s.

Imperial Grape Water Sets, Goblets, Wine Sets
Water sets are usually found with six tumblers. Water sets are found in amber, green, helios, marigold, purple, smoke, teal, vaseline and violet. These were reproduced by Imperial and others.

Above center are a water goblet and a wine glass. The goblets are 5 1/4 inches tall with a 3-inch base. The wine glass is 4 inches tall; some have a starred base, others are plain. Goblets are found in amber, green, Helios, marigold, purple and smoke. This goblet, in smoke, is a reproduction and is marked on the bottom with an "IG". Original goblets have a grape pattern on the inside as well as on the outside while the reproductions have a plain interior. Wines are found in blue, green, Helios, lavender, lime green, marigold, olive, purple, smoke and vaseline.

Wine sets consist of a decanter and six wine glasses. Stoppers are often missing on the decanter, which lowers the value considerably. Wine sets are found in amber, green, marigold, purple and smoke.

Imperial Grape Bowls and Plates
Above left is a nine inch low ruffled standard bowl in electric blue. Blue is a rare color for Imperial. In the center is a small plate in purple. And to the right is a berry set made up of one large bowl and six individual sauces; all in purple. Other colors found in Imperial Grape bowls include amber, aqua, clambroth, lavender, lime green and smoke.

Imperial made six inch small plates and nine inch standard plates. Bowls are found in several sizes: large 10-11 inch round or ruffled bowls, 8-9 inch standard ruffled bowls, medium seven inch round bowls and small 5-6 inch round or ruffled berry bowls. The small plates and berry bowls probably came from the same mold. The standard nine inch plates, the standard 8-9 inch ruffled bowls and the medium seven inch round bowls probably all came from one of two molds as described below. The large sized bowls had a unique mold. Given the volume of plates and bowls found today, it may be possible that Imperial was using more than one mold to make any given piece and therefore small differences in the pattern may be found.

To tell the difference between the sizes when presented with only a photo, one can count the number of scallops along the outer edge. Small plates and berry bowls have 24 scallops, standard size bowls and plates and medium sized bowls have 30 scallops and large sized bowls have 36 scallops. The scallops are often harder to see on standard sized pieces if they have been ruffled or flared.

All bowls and plates have a collar base and the grape pattern on both the interior and exterior.

Two different molds made the medium sized round bowls, the standard size ruffled bowls and the standard size plates. One can look at the positioning of the grapes in the largest cluster to see the difference. The photo above to the left has three grapes that form a triangle at the end of the large cluster while the photo in the center has four grapes at the end of this cluster. The bowls with the four grapes at the end have small, 1/4 inch long, dashes along the very outer edge and the other mold does not. These dashes are seen in the photo to the right. These may be made from either mold although certain colors appear to use one mold more frequently than the other. Amethyst plates seem to not have the dashes on the outer edge while amber does and marigold plates seem to be equally divided between dashes and no dashes.
At least three of these Imperial Grape spittoon whimsies are known; two in marigold and one in green. They were made from the standard 9-inch bowl and measure about 6 inches across and a little more than 3 inches tall. In the center is a marigold rosebowl and on the right is a nut bowl shape in Helios.
Imperial Grape Compotes, Lamp Shades, Cups and Saucers, Punch Sets, Carafes, Baskets and Sandwich Trays
Imperial Grape also comes in miscellaneous shapes including baskets, carafes, compotes, lamp shades and cup and saucers.

Compotes are found in amber, aqua, green, lavender, lime green, marigold, olive, purple and smoke. Lamp shades have the word NuArt on the rim and are limited to marigold. Cups and saucers are found in green, helios and marigold. The saucer has an indentation in the center for the cup to sit in.

The carafe is much like the wine decanter but never has a stopper and has a flared mouth. These were originally offered as vases and are about 8 inches tall. They are found in amber, green, Helios, lavender, marigold, purple, smoke and violet.

The baskets are about 10 inches tall. Baskets are found in clambroth, marigold and smoke.

The punch bowl and base are counted as separate parts of the set thus a typical 8-piece set will have six cups. Punch sets are found in amber, green, Helios, marigold and this purple. Imperial Grape punch sets were always thought to be found only with round tops until a marigold ruffled top was discovered in Texas in 2022. Punch bowls have 60 scallops around the top rim and the grape pattern is on both the interior and exterior.

Sandwich trays with the center handles are sometimes listed as Imperial's Vintage, but they are part of the imperial Grape line. Found in marigold and smoke.