Cut Arcs - Fenton
This pattern is not often seen and when it is, nobody seems to care. The pattern, which is on the exterior only, consists of six groups of loops that extend out from the collar base and ribs that separate the groups. These 9-inch green and marigold bowls are found with three-in-one, crimped or ruffled edges.
Very similar to Imperial's exterior pattern, Arcs, which is found on Star of David and Cobblestone pieces. Imperials Arcs has eight groups of arcs in their pattern.
Easily mistaken for a Boggy Bayou, this vase was created from the same mold used for the bowls above. There are opalescent, non-iridized examples of this vase, but only a very few known carnival examples, all marigold.

Boggy Bayou has a more intricate pattern in its base as compared to the Cut Arcs base which has a standard rayed star in it.