Boggy Bayou - Fenton
While the squatty version of Boggy Bayou shown here is not necessarily representative of the height, it does show the 8 loops of the pattern well. Because of the similarity of these loops to those of Dugan's Pulled Loop vases (with 5 loops), the two are often confused. Note that the iridescence on this 5-inch example in lime green opal is only on the interior.

Colors found include amethyst, green, lime green opal, marigold and vaseline opal.

Bullseye and Beads - Fenton
Often confused with Imperial's Beaded Bullseye but less often seen and seldom identified correctly at auction. The vases are usually stretched out so much that the bullseyes are somewhat difficult to pick out. They are most easily seen on the top one-third of the pattern and have a center design. Beaded Bullseye has a smooth bullseye. Height is generally in the 12 to 14 inch range; the base size is always 3 1/2 inches.

Colors found include amethyst, blue and marigold.

Diamond Point Columns - Fenton
This pattern has alternating panels of vertical ribs and diamonds. The vase is found in only a 3 1/2 inch base. Heights are normally between 7 and 12 inches with squatty versions down to 5 inches, though there is one unswung example known that is less than 4 1/2 inches tall. Fenton made a similar vase pattern called Nine Sixteen (See below) that also has vertical ribs and diamonds. Northwood's Diamond Point vases have a pattern of just diamonds.

These vases can be found in amethyst, blue, green, lime green, marigold and vaseline.

Fenton Panels - Fenton
This vase comes in two sizes, the standard and the mid-size. The standard vase has six subtle panels, terminating at the 3 1/4 inch base in even more subtle scallops. Heights are in the 11 to 12 inch range. Colors are amethyst, blue, powder blue, celeste, green, florentine green, marigold, vaseline and white.

The midsize has nine panels and a 4 1/8 inch base, It's usually around 16 inches tall. Seldom seen, there are a few midsize examples known in ice green/florentine, celeste, and cobalt.

Flute - Fenton
Fenton Flute can be distinguished from similar patterns by the plain band at the top and the scallop effect near the base. There are six flutes and one base size, 2 1/2 inches. Heights vary only between about 8 and 10 inches. A scarce pattern found in marigold, cobalt, pale smokey blue, green, vaseline, amethyst, red, amber and one known in celeste blue.
Idyll - Fenton
While these 7-inch tall vases are listed as Idyll, they're really part of the Waterlily and Cattails family. They're quite rare. There are several known in marigold and one ruffled example in amethyst.
Knotted Beads - Fenton
Knotted Beads is distinguished by its four rows of six ovals filled with connected beads. Sometimes confused with Long Thumbprint Hobnail (See below) which also has the ovals but unconnected beads. Fenton's April Showers has connected beads but no ovals. Heights range from about 9 inches to about 11 inches.

Colors include amber, amethyst, aqua, blue, green, lime green, marigold, red, celeste, vaseline and white.

Long Thumbprint Hobnail - Fenton
Sometimes misidentified as Fenton's Knotted Beads because of the similarity in design. This one has nine ovals around with seven regularly placed hobs in each oval. Knotted Beads (See above) has six ovals around with connected beads. People think the Long Thumbprint mold was modified to make this vase. All colors are quite scarce in this pattern.
Nine Sixteen - Fenton
Often confused with another Fenton vase pattern, Diamond Point Columns (See above), or other similar designs. Sometimes referred to as Spearhead and Diamonds or Spearhead and Ribs. Some have a short horizontal bar breaking the ribbed panels--most easily seen here on the short example in the photo. Most of these vases are pulled to heights of 14 to 17 inches, almost obliterating the pattern. Short examples are quite rare.

Colors are amethyst, blue, green, marigold and a rare white.

Paneled Diamonds and Bows - Fenton
Paneled Diamonds and Bows has six panels, alternating smooth panels with the diamonds and bows design on the others. These are rather small vases, ranging in height from 5 1/2 inches to 8 1/2 inches.

Colors include amethsyt, blue, green, lime green, marigold, vaseline and white.

The name "Paneled Diamond and Bows" was given by Rose Presznick, though it has been known as "Diamonds and Bows," "Paneled Bows and Diamonds," and "Bows and Paneled Diamonds."

Plume Panels - Fenton
A somewhat scarce vase, it has six panels of vertical plumes. Heights seldom vary from the 10 to 13 inch range. Shown here is a red example.

Other colors include amber, amethyst, aqua or teal, blue, green, marigold, olive, sapphire and vaseline.