Pulled Loop - Dugan/Diamond
Pulled Loop vases have six ribs with a column of five loops (plus a scallop at the top) between each of the ribs. The pattern is similar to a Fenton one, Boggy Bayou, which has eight loops or arches in each panel. Both Dugan and Diamond made Pulled Loop vases.

Dugan Pulled Loop vases are heavy, substantial vases with base diameters from just over 3.5 inches to just under 4 inches. The top of the base is puffy. Peach opal is the most-often found color, with peach opal heights ranging from 8 to 12 inches, a few examples a bit taller. There are a fair number of purple Pulled Loops, with heights ranging from just under 5 inches to a little over 12 inches. White Pulled Loop vases are scarce. I know of two 12-inch examples, five of the 5 to 6-inch examples.

Diamond Pulled Loop vases are lighter vases, with base diameters from just over 3 inches to just under 3.5 inches. The top of the base is flat. Heights range from 9 to 12 inches. Diamond Pulled loop vases are found in some unexpected colors. Blue is the most often-found color, appearing twice as often as amethyst or marigold. Scarce examples are found in aqua, sapphire, and celeste. There are a few green, as well as a few olive examples. One has turned up in amethyst opal.

Hartung named the pattern Pulled Loop; Presznick named it Loop & Column, with a reference to Northwood Tulip Vase; Dugan called it No. 1030 vase.