Long Thumbprint - Fenton
Often found at flea markets and malls, usually in green. Four rows of thumbprints around the trunk. The jack-in-the-pulpit versions are rare, however, and worth picking up when found. Regular versions range in height from about 7 inches to 12 inches.

The vase in the center shows the pattern well.

The Long Thumbprint vase at the right (base shown) has an 1899 penny embedded in it. This amethyst vase sold in 2011 for $700. Photo courtesy of Wroda Auctions.

Colors found include amethyst, green, lavender, lime green, marigold, olive and lime green vaseline.

While the vases above have many similarities to Fenton's Long Thumbprint above, there are distinct differences, mainly in that there are three rows of thumbprints around the trunk and, in the first two examples, fine vertical lines around the top of the base. Both of these vases are amethyst.

Yet another Long Thumbprint variant vase in the photo to the right. Note that it has the same three rings of thumbprints as the other vases shown here, but without the detail on top of the base. Two of these vases have been found in teal, one in amethyst.