Coin Dot - Fenton
Fenton's Coin Dot is distinctive for its large dots, either stippled or plain. A fairly common pattern rarely selling for much except in red. A similar pattern, with smooth dots only, is generally thought to be Westmoreland's Pearly Dots. Coin Dot is sometimes mistakenly listed as Coin Spot, a Dugan pattern found only in compotes. Easily found in a variety of colors. Each piece has six large center dots surrounded by circles of dots. The dots in the first circle are the smallest and the dots get larger as the circles approach the outer edge.

The photo in the center shows the Coin Dot Variant as it has six smaller dots around the center six large dots. It also appears to have more space between the six center dots and the first row of dots around those six center dots.

All rosebowls, whether with stippled or plain dots, are thought to be Fenton's Coin Dot.

Rosebowls are available in amethyst, aqua, green, lime green, marigold, olive and celeste blue. Plates, about 8 inches, are known in marigold. 7 to 9 inch bowls are known in amethyst, aqua, blue, green, lavender, lime green, marigold, peach opal, red and vaseline.