Pearly Dots - Westmoreland
There is considerable dispute over Fenton's Coin Dot pattern and Westmoreland's Pearly Dots. For many years collectors considered those items with plain dots to be this pattern--Pearly Dots, while those with stippled dots to be Fenton's Coin Dot. It now seems that Fenton also made some of it's Coin Dot pieces with plain dots. In any event, the origin of manufacture makes little difference in the value of the piece. The amethyst plate, above left, was photographed at a 2000 Heart of America Carnival Glass club display. The ruffled bowl is in blue opal.
Compotes are usually taller and less flared than this great blue opal example (courtesy of Dick and Sherry Betker). They are also sometimes misidentified as Fenton's Inverted Coin Dot. This Pearly Dots rosebowl is in aqua.