Below are Dugan patterns where the only shape available is the stemmed compote.
Beaded Panels - Dugan
Known only in the compote shape, unique with its open stem. It was also made in opal glass prior to the Carnival era. It is sometimes called Open Opals. Always shaped like the example shown here. Four beaded stems arc out to form an opening in the stem. The interior is plain and the exterior has rows of beads running from the stem to the top edge.

Found in marigold, peach opal and purple. Rare in any color other than peach opal.

Coin Spot - Dugan
These compotes have an exterior pattern with columns of stippled thumbprints. Mostly seen in peach opal and marigold; rarer colors such as celeste blue and cobalt blue are the most desirable. Note that auctioneers sometimes identify these as Coin Dot although they are not that Fenton pattern. The two examples above, in ice green and cobalt blue with stretch iridescence, are courtesy of Carl and Eunice Booker. Other colors include amber, amethyst, aqua opal, lime green, marigold and pink.
Constellation - Dugan
This small compote is the only shape in the pattern. It was made from the S-Repeat goblet mold which was only made in crystal. The exterior pattern is often called Sea Foam by collectors. The interior has a beaded star.

White is most often seen. Other colors include amethyst, lavender and marigold.

Folding Fan - Dugan
Folding Fan has a diamond pattern formed by arcs on the inside of these compotes. Usually seen in peach opal. Only a handful of purple examples are known. A rather small compote as it is only 3 1/2 inches tall and 6 inches across the top.

Don't confuse with a similar Westmoreland pattern, File and Fan.