Two Flowers - Fenton
Two Flowers is named for the two different types of flowers found in the design--not the number of flowers. Similar to its sister pattern, Stag and Holly. Two Flowers is seen mostly in ball footed and spatula footed bowls, rosebowls, rare 9 inch saptula footed plates and rare 12 inch three footed chop plates. Also found in occasional collar-base bowls and sauces. Found in a range of colors although both the spatula footed and three footed plates seem to only appear in marigold. The three footed pieces have a wide panel exterior while both the spatula footed and collar base pieces have a plain exterior.

Above are all large three footed pieces in an ice cream shaped bowl, a ruffled bowl and a rosebowl. Other three footed shapes in the large size would be a round bowl and a chop plate.

Above are spatula footed pieces in Two Flowers; a ruffled bowl in red, a plate in marigold, and a rosebowl in blue. Other spatula footed shapes are ice cream shaped and round bowls.
The sauce on the right shows a collar base while the sauce in the center is three footed. The photo to the far right is a nine inch standard size bowl in Two Flowers with a collar base. Collar bases are very rare in either the sauce or the standard size.