Stag and Holly - Fenton
Fenton's Stag and Holly features four stags separated by holly leaves and berries. It is very popular among collectors, probably due to its Christmas theme.

Two molds were used to make this pattern; the larger (with ball feet) for large bowls, chop plates, and giant rosebowls and the smaller (with spatula feet) for eight-inch bowls and nine-inch plates.

Shown are a large ice cream shaped bowl in blue, a chop plate in marigold, a large ruffled bowl in green and a giant rosebowl in blue.

The chop plates are found almost exclusively in marigold. The giant rosebowls are found predominantly in marigold and sometimes in blue. Large ruffled and ice cream shaped bowls are found in various colors. Marigold and blue bowls are found often. Amber, amethyst, aqua and green bowls are found occasionally and amberina, lime green, pink, powder blue, smoke and vaseline bowls would be rarer.

Three ball footed chop plates are 12 inches across and bowls are 10 to 11 inches across.

Above are a red spatula-footed ruffled bowl, a spatula-footed plate in marigold and spatula-footed flared bowl in celeste blue.

Spatula footed plates are about 9 inches across and the bowls are 8 to 9 inches across. Plates are known mostly in marigold but are also found in amethyst. Bowls are found in amethyst, blue, green, marigold and red. An aqua, celeste blue or smoke bowl would be rarer. Spatula footed bowls can be ruffled, ice cream shaped or flared.

New reproduction Stag and Holly bowls have been imported from South Korea. They have three ball feet and are known in a black amethyst and a french opal. A way to tell the difference between a real Fenton Stag and Holly and a fake is to look at the tongue of the stag.