Soda Gold - Imperial
Perhaps because the Soda Gold pattern has no representation of flowers or could even be considered geometric, it receives little attention. The design consists of meandering, raised flat lines over a stippled background. The pattern dates from the depression era and the candlestick appears in the Butler Brothers catelog in 1927 through 1930.

Found in water sets such as the pitcher and tumbler to the left, console bowls, chop plates made from the console bowls, and candlesticks. The pattern is found only in clambroth, marigold and smoke.

The marigold console bowl above left is unusual with its cupped-in top. Console bowls usually have the rim turned out and rolled down and would be paired with the two candlesticks on the right to form a console set.
For salt and pepper shakers and spittoons misidentified as Soda Gold see Crackle.

Soda Gold is also the name of an exterior pattern used by Dugan on such patterns as Four Flowers and Garden Path.