Crackle - Jeannette
The Crackle pattern dates from the depression era. The patterns known as Tree of Life and Soda Gold are sometimes identified as Crackle--and vice versa. All have meandering lines against a stippled background but this one is somewhat finer with less distinction between the lines and stippling. The Crackle salt and pepper shakers are often sold under the Soda Gold name. The salt and pepper shakers are the only item found in a color other than marigold. It can be found with a pale blue base glass and smoke iridescence.

While often identified as an Imperial pattern, Jeannette is thought to have made Crackle.

Crackle spittoons are found mainly in marigold and sometimes vaseline. This lime green spittoon was sold as Soda Gold but it is really Soda Gold Hobnail.
Crackle candlesticks are found in two sizes. The taller is 7 inches high with hexagonal base; the shorter 3 1/2 inches with round base.

The photo on the far right shows a pair of car vases with the brackets used to attach them. And below is a Crackle wall vase.