Rosalind - Millersburg
Rosalind has radiating arcs that are reminiscent of peacock tail designs. It's a scarce pattern found in several sizes of bowls, rare 9 inch plates, two sizes of compotes (6 and 9 inches tall) and, in 2002, the discovery of the first chop plate (in marigold). The pattern was also used as the interior of Millersburg's Dolphins compotes.

There are three sizes of bowls. The small sauces are about 6 inches across and can be found ruffled or in an ice cream shape. The medium or standard size bowls are about 8 to 9 inches across and are also found ruffled or in an ice cream shape. These medium size bowls have a collar base that is 3 inches across. The large size bowls are 9 to 10 inches across and have a collar base that is 3 7/8 inches across.

The large size bowl is found much more often than either the sauce or the medium size bowl. The sauces are found in amethyst, blue, green and marigold. The medium size bowls only seem to be found in green. And the large size bowls are found in amethyst, green and marigold and to a lesser extent in aqua or olive green.

Nine inch plates are quite rare and have been found in amethyst and green. A single 11 inch chop plate is known in marigold.

Beware of the contemporary Fenton low compote, Drape and Tie, which has an almost identical pattern, being offered as Rosalind.

Also see Rosalind variant compotes

The compotes above are the 9-inch jelly compotes. These larger compotes have an 8 sided base. The smaller compotes, shown to the right, have a round base and are about 6 inches tall.