The following Millersburg patterns are known only in compotes.
Boutonniere - Millersburg
A modest Millersburg pattern, known only in compotes. The interior is stippled rays with a six-petaled flower in the center; the exterior is plain. Colors known are amethyst, green and marigold.
Deep Grape - Millersburg
Shown here are just about all shapes found in the Deep Grape compote, and in each of the colors in which Millersburg made them. Far left is a ruffled example in amethyst, then a round flared one in marigold, next a square ruffled in blue, and finally the only known rosebowl shape in the pattern--in green.
Dolphins - Millersburg
Three dolphin feet (one is hidden behind the stem in this photo) support a bowl with Millersburg's Rosalind pattern in the interior. Not very many around; they must have been next to impossible to get out of the mold. Blue is very rare.

The compote is the only shape known and it is found in amethyst, green and blue.

Flowering Vine and Tulip - Millersburg
Very few examples of this 9-inch tall Flowering Vine compotes are known; two in amethyst, one in marigold, and this one in green (pictured to the left). A leafy vine encircles the interior center of the compote. The exterior has 9 fluted panels.

To the right is a Tulip compote. This is an extremely rare Millersburg 8 to 9 inch compote. It appears to be the same mold, but without the interior pattern, as Millersburg's Flowering Vine shown to its left.

This amethyst example was photographed while in a private collection. There is one known example in vaseline.

Peacock Tail - Millersburg

Found only in a compote, the peacock tail pattern is more of a medallion in the center--around which radiate feather-shaped rays. While traditionally attributed to Millersburg, not all collectors agree; some think it was made by Dugan. However, colors are typical Millersburg's amethyst, green and marigold.

See also Rosalind variant compote.

Poppy - Millersburg
There are four poppies in this pattern--directed toward the center. The back pattern is Millersburg's Potpourri. Poppy is known only in compotes with several edge treatments and flattened out versions called salvers. Colors are amethyst, green and marigold.