Nippon - Northwood
Don't mistake Northwood's Nippon for Fenton's Peacock Tail. Nippon has a circular design in the center (the Imperial Crest of the Empress of Japan). With the Peacock Tail pattern, the design continues into the center. Bowls may have either a basketweave back or the ribbed back although a few with plain backs have also been reported. Plates have only the basketweave back. Pictured above are a plate in green and a Pie Crust Edge (PCE) bowl in ice blue. To the right is a ruffled bowl in green. These are the only three shapes Nippon comes in. Nippon does come in several colors inlcuding amethyst, aqua, aqua opal, blue, green, horehound, ice blue, ice green marigold, white. While ice blue is common for a PCE bowl, it is very rare for a plate.