Lustre Rose - Imperial
Essentially the same as Imperial's other Rose pattern, Open Rose. Both are shown in early Imperial catalogs as the same pattern, but collectors have come to refer to the water sets, table sets, and footed bowls as Lustre Rose. Imperial made two versions of its Lustre Rose tumblers. The regular tumbler, in marigold, is on the left. It has vertical flutes inside. The variant, on the right in clambroth, does not have the flutes. Variant pitchers also lack the fluting. Water sets are known in amber, clambroth, green or Helios, marigold and purple.

Water sets, table sets, and footed fruit bowls have been reproduced in several colors.

The large footed fruit bowl above is red, an extremely rare color for Imperial. These large bowls are found in amber, aqua, blue, clambroth, green, lime green, marigold, olive, purple, red, smoke and vaseline.

These low squatty bowls (center photo) with the sides straight up are called ferneries. Interestingly, blue, rare in Imperial, is the most common here. Other colors include amber, amberina, aqua, powder blue, clambroth, green, marigold, olive, purple and smoke. Centerpiece bowls are the same piece but have been stretched into an ice cream shape as shown in the photo to the right.

Table sets are found in amber, aqua, green, marigold and purple.

The ad to the right for a water set and a table set appearred in a Lee Manufacturing catalog in 1915.