Inverted Thistle - Cambridge
Inverted Thistle was No. 2766 in Cambridge's Nearcut line. The pattern is meant to look cut as it is recessed into the glass (Intaglio) instead of being rasied off the glass. This pattern is not seen as often as Cambridge's other intaglio pattern Inverted Strawberry. There are also fewer shapes known. Shown above is a purple water set. Water sets have been reproduced. Also shown above is a rare compote in green. Compotes are typically ruffled but do come in a round shape.

At the left is a nut bowl. The feet are typical of this piece. Collar base bowls are also known in various sizes.

All table set pieces are rare. Shown below are the covered sugar, butterdish and spooner in amethyst.

Amethyst, green and marigold are the typical Cambridge colors.