Inverted Strawberry - Cambridge
Inverted Strawberry is an intaglio pattern--that is, the pattern is depressed into the surface rather than raised above it as with most Carnival patterns. It is found in old Cambridge catalogs as No. 2780 "Strawberry" and is included in Cambridge's Nearcut line. The Nearcut line was to appear to be cut glass and thus the pattern is intaglio. Many pieces of Inverted Strawberry are marked "Near Cut".

This was one of Cambridge's most popular patterns and was made in a wide range of shapes and colors. Most pieces in this pattern are quite scarce. The amethyst rosebowl shape above center was made from the large berry bowl and is about 8 1/2 inches wide.

Cambridge made it's Inverted Strawberry compotes in quite a few shapes, though none of them come up for auction often. Above are a large ice cream shaped in amethyst, a small round in blue, a large marigold with the edge flattened and a tall green cupped in like a rosebowl.

Inverted Strawberry pitchers are known in both the milk and water size. Both of these pitchers have the same shape and both are rare. Tumblers have been reproduced.

The small spittoons, such as that second to the right, were production items rather than whimsies. A few of the large berry bowls were also made into spittoon shapes. Powder jars are probably the most frequently seen item in Inverted Strawberry.

The pattern was also used, in the contemporary period, on small souvenir spittoons for a couple of Carnival Glass clubs.

Table sets and component pieces are scarce, so it is difficult to find complete sets. Next is a celery vase in green. While similar to the spooner, it is taller. A rare whimsey bonbon was made from the spooner.
Candleholders, whether in green or marigold are quite scarce. They often have damage on the base.

In 2011, Yvan Beaudry sent in this photo of an Inverted Strawberry nappy in green. He also knows of one in marigold.

This unusual breakfast set (stemmed creamer and sugar) is in amethyst. Photo courtesy of Seeck Auctions.