Heavy Diamonds - Imperial
Heavy Diamonds is Imperial's #330 mould. Marketed in the 1927 Butler Brothers Catalog in crystal, these iridized pieces were late in the classic era of carnival glass. Shapes known include:

Single handled Nappy, found in marigold, is 4 3/4 inches across the bowl (not including the handle).

Vases are found in clambroth, marigold and smoke. These vases are six inches tall and sit on a three inch pedestal base.

The Breakfast Set includes an open sugar and a creamer. The sugar is 3 3/4 inches tall to the tip of the handle and the creamer is four inches tall to the tip of the spout.

The pattern on these pieces is raised four sided diamonds formed by the intersection of diagonal bands. Additional raised diamonds are formed within the bands themselves. The top edge of each piece has a sawtooth edge.

This pattern is often confused with Imperial's Diamond Block so reported shapes in Heavy Diamonds may actually be Diamond Block pieces.