Diamond Block - Imperial
A somewhat scarce pattern. The compote shown here is the most often seen shape in the pattern. These three items in the left photo are a marigold shade, a clambroth compote and a marigold bowl. The photo on the right shows a cylinder vase in clambroth. The pattern consists of rows of three-sided indented diamonds formed by horizontal and diagonal lines. Each piece has a sawtooth edge. This pattern was Imperial's #699 mould. In non-iridized glass, there are many more shapes known, but iridized shapes are limited.

The shades are found in clambroth, marigold and smoke. They are 4 5/8 inches tall.

The compotes are found in clambroth and they are five inches tall.

The bowl is very scarce and so far only found in marigold. It is 8 1/2 inches across and about three inches tall.

The cylinder vases are found in clambroth are ten inches tall and have a 4 1/4 inch base.

This pattern is often confused with Imperial's Heavy Diamonds so reported shapes in Diamond Block may actually be Heavy Diamonds pieces.