Grape Wreath - Millersburg
Millersburg used the same wreath motif in a number of patterns, changing only the center design. These include Blackberry Wreath, Grape Leaves, Grape Wreath, and Strawberry Wreath.

Grape Wreath pieces have one of four different designs in the center. The feathered leaf design, top left, is the one drawn in Marion Hartung's book and is considered the standard and is the most frequently seen. Top right, is one of the other variants with a cloverleaf pattern. Bottom left is the 8-pointed star. Yet a fourth is a sort of plume or propeller type of design over a 4-pointed star. When an auction catalog lists a "variant" it may be any of these. The central design makes little difference in the value.

Mostly found in small sauces and the 7-9 inch bowls. Ten-inch bowls are quite rare in this pattern. Tricorner bowls are generally more desirable. Colors are amethyst, green and marigold.

There are only a couple of these ladies spittoon whimsies known. This amethyst example has an 8-pointed star in the center and is 5 1/2 inches wide by 4 inches tall.